Gordon Hall

Software Engineer, Security Researcher

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Senior software engineer and security researcher specializing in distributed protocols, applied cryptography, and anonymizing systems. Free software activist and author of Kadence, ORC, Granax, and many others.



Chia Network
Senior Software Engineer 2018-Present Research and development of the Chia networking and peer protocol.
Least Authority
Security Researcher 2017-Present Contributor to the Tahoe-LAFS free software project. Security auditor for various blockchain and distributed projects.
Storj Labs
Software Engineering Lead 2015-2017 Performed extensive research and testing related to distributed system design. Key contributer to the Storj whitepaper (version 2). Authored the Storj protocol and the core library that implements it. Community leadership support, developer presense and engagement, core maintainer of many free software packages. Hiring, onboarding, and support of the engineering team. Evangelism, speaking engagements at LibrePlanet and NodeSummit.
Senior Software Engineer 2015 Developed key components of a social bitcoin micropayments platform. Coordinated with partners on techincal integrations. Company later acquihired by AirBnB.
Software Engineering Lead 2013-2015 Leadership of the engineering team responsible for research and development projects. Developed critical features for the first bitcoin payment processing platform for merchants (which is still the leading provider). Authored and contributed to many free software projects. Speaking engagements at ConnectJS and Atlanta Node.js Meetups


Technical Advisor 2018-Present
Technical Advisor 2017-Present
Fluence Labs
Technical Advisor 2017-Present
Counterpoint Hackerpace
Co-Founder, Director 2015-Present

Gordon Hall — https://github.com/bookchin